Art Sampoerna Exhibition Officially Opens To Enthusiastic Crowds


Emerging Artist – Indonesia’s newest showcase featuring the latest contemporary art and creativity, Art Sampoerna 2017, was officially opened last night, Thursday May 18.

The opening event started with a private viewing session at which art collectors and VIP guests were treated to first viewing of the exhibition followed by the official opening of the exhibition, which was attended by the Head of Creative Economy Council (Bekraf) Triawan Munaf, the President Director of Sampoerna Group, Bambang Sulistyo, the Founder and CEO of Mobiliari Group Millie Stephanie, as well as the curator of the exhibition, Rizki A. Zaelani.

The three-day event is organised by Mobiliari Group in partnership with Putra Sampoerna Foundation, and speaking at the ceremony, Millie Stephanie addressed the exhibition, saying that Art Sampoerna is a way to appreciate Indonesian contemporary art and to promote it on a global platform. “Through Art Sampoerna, we want artworks from Indonesian artists to be brought and introduced abroad,” said Millie.

The inauguration ceremony opened with a symbolic splashing of colours onto a white canvas, which was followed by a tour of the exhibition together with Triawan and hundreds of enthusiastic attendees. In his speech, Triawan remarked that he is excited as he believes the exhibition contributes more to the art world of Indonesia, which is to uncover emerging talents.

Entitled “Flow Into Now”, a wide variety of artworks, paintings, sculptures, installations and mixed media are on show. The artworks showcased revolve around the meaning of space, as the artists do not always come from an art background; for example, Auguste Soesastro is a fashion designer, while Farhan Siki used to study history and literature.

Every artist has a different point of view to what “space” means. For example, Nus Salomo presents a moving sculpture along with music and painting, while Steven Huang’s work is an installation of sizable frame and chair made of thread.

But the fair is not only for collectors looking to acquire new pieces. It also engages people through various activities and workshops.

It is, after all, the intention of both parties involved in the making of the event, to be able to educate the people about contemporary arts specifically the one that has been growing in Indonesia. Activities such as tours with the curator and artists for communities and schools, workshops, art classes and artist talks on calligraphy, abstract painting, interior designing and urban sketching are available for the public.

“As the curator for Art Sampoerna, I hope that the artworks exhibited in the event can be received by everyone. After all, artworks are not only meant to be understood, but enjoyed,” said Rizki. Art Sampoerna run through until Sunday. May 21, at Sampoerna Strategic Square.


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